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VDC Introduces the Sony SRX-T series
Specifically Designed for military and commercial simulator application.
Key Features:
*VDC offers cutomer design and application services, including simulation specific lenses, support frames, optical edge blending, custom projector software and installation services.
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ADDS thin clients

ADDS thin client by Boundless support Citrix ICA display Microsoft RDP and LTSP protocols, and come with the Ericom WebConnect remote desktop client. Thin clients with the Go-Global protocol are also available.
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Boundless Technologies is  a Division of Video Display Corporation 

NEW!! Replacement monitors for ATMs
Replace or upgrade your old CRT ATM displays with quality flat-panel LCDs from Display Concepts.
Brighter, sharper, longer-lasting than obsolete CRT technology
Drop-in replacements forNCR,Diebold and other ATMs
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